Slido for virtual events

Make your virtual events interactive

Engage your online participants with live polls, Q&A and quizzes as they’re watching your virtual event or webinar.

Slido for virtual events.

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Let everyone participate in the Q&A

Crowdsource questions from your online participants and let them vote for their favorites. Take questions as you go or address the most popular ones in an engaging Q&A session.

Let everyone participate in the Q&A.

Make viewers part of the event with live polls

Presenting online without seeing your audience is hard. Use live polls to get instant feedback from your online viewers and keep them engaged with your live-streamed presentation.

Make viewers part of the event with live polls.

Make your virtual event experience seamless

Run everything from one place. Integrate Slido with popular live-streaming platforms like YouTube or just embed it to your event page right next to the video stream.

Make your virtual event experience seamless.
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What you can get with our plans

Custom themes & branding

Match Slido with your event theme by choosing your own colors and adding your logo.


Review all incoming questions before your audience can see them.

Professional support

A team of interaction experts is ready to help you before your event as well as 24/5 on live chat and emails.

Event collaborators

Give admin access to your assistants that will help you moderate the Q&A and manage polls.


Integrate Slido with your favorite live streaming and presentation platforms.

Scale it up

Prepared to support your event with thousands of online participants.

Ready to engage your online audience?

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Works with your favorite platforms

Live video

Embed your live video such as YouTube or Vimeo directly into Slido.

Google Slides

Add polls, quizzes and Q&A directly into your Google Slides presentation with our add-on.


Engage your virtual event audience with polls, quizzes and Q&A directly in Hopin.

Additional resources

Slido use cases.

Explore use cases

Discover which event formats you can make more interactive with Slido.

Microsoft Teams, Powerpoint and Google Slides integrations.


Create a seamless experience for your audience with Slido integrations.

Google Slides.

Technical setup

Learn how to set up and manage Slido with your video conferencing tools.

How it works

  1. Please note that Slido is not a conferencing tool. You’ll need to pick that first. Then you can create your event in Slido, customize it for your needs and add your polls, quizzes or surveys.

    Create your event.
  2. Introduce Slido at the beginning of your event. To join in, the participants simply need to scan a QR code or go to and enter your event code. There’s no need to download anything.

    Invite the audience to join.
  3. To display audience Q&A or polling results, simply share your screen with Slido Present mode. You can also embed Slido into your website or event app. If you need help with the setup, get in touch with us.

    Show Slido on a screen.
  4. After the event, you can access your interaction stats in Analytics and export them easily to Excel or Google Sheets for further analysis.

    Download the results after the session.

Make your virtual event interactive with Slido.

Frequently asked questions

Is Slido a video conferencing tool?

No, Slido is an audience interaction platform. It does not replace your live streaming or video conferencing apps but it can be easily used alongside them to enhance interaction at your event.

How do I set up Slido with my video conferencing tool?

There are several ways you can do that - share your screen with Slido, embed Slido into a website, integrate live video into a Slido event or use our Teams integration. Learn more in this guide.

What platforms can I integrate Slido with?

We offer direct integrations with PowerPoint for Windows BETA, Google Slides and Microsoft Teams. You can also embed any live video feed, such as YouTube or Vimeo, into Slido to let your participants interact with your content from the same tab.

What size of online audience can Slido support?

Slido supports from 100 up to 5,000 participants, depending on the plan. If you want to use Slido for more than 5,000 participants, please contact us contact us to discuss the details.