Slido for conferences

The ultimate interaction tool for live events

Engage your audience with an easy to use Q&A and polling platform that has become a standard at the most renowned conferences worldwide.

Slido for conferences.

Trusted by the world’s best conferences

Run effective and inclusive Q&A sessions

Forget running around with the microphones or people occupying the mic with “more of a comment”. With Slido, everyone can ask questions from their phones and vote for their favorites, resulting in a more productive discussion.

Run effective and inclusive Q&A sessions.

Collect real time insights from your audience

Get to know the people sitting in your audience. Live polls are an easy way to find out what they think and display the results in real-time. You can use them to shape the discussion and collect valuable industry insights.

Create a live conversation with your attendees.

We’ve got your back with exceptional customer support

There are many things that can go wrong at a conference, but Slido’s not one of them. With 99.9% uptime and world-class support only a click away, you can rest easy knowing that you are being taken care of.

We’ve got your back with exceptional customer support.

What you get with our single event plans

Custom themes & branding

Match Slido with your event theme by choosing your own colors and adding your logo.


Review all incoming questions before your audience can see them.

Professional support

A team of interaction experts is ready to help you before your event as well as 24/5 on live chat and emails.

Data exports

Download all your engagement statistics into Google Sheets or Excel files.

Event collaborators

Give admin access to your assistants that will help you moderate the Q&A and manage polls.

Multiple rooms

Use Slido at multiple stages at the same time, each having their own Q&A and polls.

Ready to engage attendees at your next event?

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Slido works where you need it

Add Slido into your event app.

Add Slido into your event app

Let your participants join the conversation directly from your official event app.

Live video integration.

Live video integration

Allow your online audience to interact in the same way as the people in the room.

Manage Slido on your phone.

Manage Slido on your phone

Slido admins can moderate questions and run polls using their smartphones or tablets.

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Popular use cases

Find more examples in our ebook

Get out free guide with 15 inspiring stories of how the world’s leading conferences used Slido to engage their audience.

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Find more examples in our ebook.

How it works

  1. Sign up for Slido and create your event. You can customize your event code and theme, and add polls, quizzes or surveys. It’s good practice to test Slido before your event to make sure you are familiar with it.

    Create your event.
  2. On the day, introduce Slido to your audience. To join your event, participants simply need to scan a QR code or go to and enter your event code. There’s no need to download anything.

    Invite the audience to join.
  3. Display Slido Present mode in fullscreen on a computer which is connected to the projector or external screen. The results will be updated in real-time as people vote and send their questions.

    Show Slido on a screen.
  4. After the event, you can access your interaction stats in Analytics and export them easily to Excel or Google Sheets for further analysis.

    Download the results after the session.

Make your next event more interactive.

Frequently asked questions

How many people can manage Slido during the conference?

As many as you need. With our Share Access feature, you can have multiple administrators managing the Q&A and polls during your event.

Can I use Slido in a language other than English?

Yes, Slido is available in 32 languages. The selected language will be reflected everywhere except your Admin interface, which is in English only. You can find the list of all supported languages here.

What devices do I need to run Slido?

You need one computer connected to the projector and a secondary device (laptop, tablet or a smartphone) to manage Slido. Your attendees don’t have to download or install anything - they just need to open in their browsers and enter your event code.

How do I ensure Slido will be used on the day?

It’s important to introduce Slido at the beginning of your event to get your attendees on board. You can also run a warm-up poll to help them get into Slido easily. We've prepared a handful of documents that will help you get off to a great start.