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Start a two-way conversation with your employees with a platform that is easy to use, looks professional on a big screen - and quite
simply, works.

Slido for education.

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Find out what your employees really think

Allow your team to ask questions without fear or bias. Thanks to anonymity and voting on questions, you can uncover the most pressing issues and address them live during Q&A or Ask Me Anything sessions.

Find out what your employees really think.

Run more engaging company meetings

Put an end to dull, one-way presentations. Energize your team with live polling, word clouds and fun quizzes that will keep their attention from start to finish.

Run more engaging company meetings.

Make your remote workers feel heard

No matter where your team members work from, Slido gives everyone an equal chance to participate. No interruptions on conference calls, no more feeling left out of the important discussions.

Make your remote workers feel heard.

Easy way to collect employee feedback

Make sure your meetings stay productive and on point. Slido makes it easy to collect instant feedback and identify the areas for improvement, all without using a single sheet of paper.

Easy way to collect employee feedback.

What you get with our annual
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Custom themes & branding

Customize Slido with your brand colors and upload your company logo.

Advanced privacy options

Protect your meetings with a passcode or an SSO authentication.

Professional onboarding

Get help from a dedicated specialist to maximize the value of your meetings.

Questions moderation

Review all incoming questions before your employees can see them.

Data exports

Download all your engagement statistics into Google Sheets or Excel files.

Team management

Invite colleagues to your Slido licence to allow them to create and manage their own events.

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Works with your favorite tools

PowerPoint for Windows.

PowerPoint for Windows

Add polls, quizzes and Q&A directly into your PowerPoint presentation.

Slido for Google Slides.

Google Slides

Add polls, quizzes and Q&A directly to your Google Slides presentation with our add-on.

Slido Microsoft Teams integration.

Microsoft Teams

Engage your colleagues with polls, quizzes or Q&A in your Microsoft Teams meeting.

Slido for enterprise

Interact with employees across your organization with our enterprise‑ready features.

Explore Slido for enterprise
  • SSO for both employees and admins
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • 24/5 priority support via live human chat, calls and emails
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Popular use cases

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Get our free resource with 25 actionable tips on how to engage your team during all-company meetings.

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Find more examples in our ebook.

How it works

  1. Prepare your interactive activities in Slido Admin or directly in your presentation. Add polls, quizzes or a Q&A session and customize your event’s theme and code.

    Create your event.
  2. Your employees can join by clicking on a direct link or going to and entering your Slido code. No app downloads or installations necessary.

    Share a link or event code.
  3. Integrate Slido with your presentation using one of our integrations. When presenting, all you need is a clicker. Slido polls and Q&A will be activated automatically as you go through your slides.

    Show Slido on a screen.
  4. After your meeting, you can easily export all the data into Excel or Google Sheets and analyze the results.

    Download the results after the session.

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Frequently asked questions

What does our company need to use Slido?

Slido is a fully web-based tool, which means there’s nothing to download or install. You only need your laptops or smartphones connected to the internet. To join a meeting, your employees simply need to go to and type in your event code.

Is our data secure with Slido?

We take data privacy very seriously. Our services are encrypted using SSL, both in transit and at rest. Slido is compliant with the latest industry standards including ISO 27001, ISO 9001, GDPR and other relevant laws and regulations. Learn more about our privacy policies.

Can I speak to someone to see if Slido would be a good fit for us?

Absolutely. Feel free to schedule a call with one of our interaction experts and we’d be happy to discuss how Slido can help you achieve your goals.

How can I show the value of Slido to our leadership?

Slido Analytics enables you to see the interaction stats from your meetings and compare them over time. It shows how many people participated in your meetings, how they voted, what were the most upvoted questions they asked etc. You can easily download this data and share the insights with your management team.